What is Spacing?

Spacing is when gaps develop between two more teeth. The most common type of spacing is midline which is a gap developed between the two upper front teeth.

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Understanding spacing by differentiating and treating this malocclusion

The gaps can be prominent or barely noticeable. There can also be smaller all larger gaps between every tooth in the upper and lower arch but this condition is rare.

Midline spacing is more common in children with baby teeth. As they lose their baby teeth, the permanent teeth don't need to erupt with a gap in between them.

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  • People who genetically inherit teeth smaller than their jawbone can develop gaps between two or more of their permanent teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth can also be developed due to gum enlargement which causes the overgrowth of gum tissues between your teeth.
  • Poor chewing habits like chewing with an open mouth or grinding food inside the mouth can worsen the gaps between the teeth if a person has already inherited the condition genetically.
  • After the loss of baby teeth, a few childhood habits can also result in the formation of gaps between the permanent teeth.
    • Tongue thrusting
    • Long-term use of a pacifier
    • Thumb sucking
  • Some people have the habit of breathing through the mouth while sleeping. With time, this can expand the gaps between the teeth.

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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children

  • Thumb Sucking
  • Tongue Thrusting
  • Excessive Use of a Pacifier
  • Bottle Sucking
  • Teeth Pushing
  • Early Milk Teeth Loss

The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children


Normally teeth gaps are not a reason for concern besides being aesthetically unpleasing, however, there can be a few cases that might cause a little discomfort especially if the gaps have been developed due to gum diseases.

  • Gaps can make it difficult to properly brush and floss which means that bacteria might start lingering in the spaces between teeth and can result in bad breath.
  • Gaps between teeth formed through gum diseases can result in swollen and tender gums which results in excruciating pain in the mouth.
  • Gaps between teeth caused by gum diseases can make the teeth loosen up and eventually result in tooth loss.

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Gaps between teeth normally do not cause a big issue and sometimes people prefer not to get any treatment for them.

However, gaps between teeth can easily be fixed with OrthoPath Clear Aligners. Our aligners gently push the teeth into the empty spaces and align them into a proper position.

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