What is an Overbite?

Overbite is a case of the misalignment of teeth. It is the overlapping of the upper front teeth with the lower ones. Your upper teeth protrude beyond your lower teeth which results in an overbite.

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Over Bite

Understanding an overbite by differentiating and treating this malocclusion

Overbites can occur due to several reasons. The most prominent ones include the size and shape of your jaw area, being either too big or too small to fit the teeth properly. They will either crowd or be far apart.

Children develop an overbite because of the constant use of the pacifier or thumb-sucking. An overbite is not only unpleasing to look at but can also cause serious harm to your oral health.

Some people prefer to keep it natural and leave it as it is. However, if not treated properly, an overbite can result in crooked or crowded teeth, tooth decay, severe gum diseases, jaw misalignment, headache, and body aches.

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Types of an overbite

Dental overbite

This kind of overbite occurs in children having the habit of sucking their thumbs or constantly sucking on a pacifier. It can also be caused by the children pushing their tongues against the back of their teeth.

Moreover, if the overbite is already present in children genetically, the habits mentioned above can worsen the condition. Overbite can also be developed due to constant nail-biting and chewing on pencils or other hard objects.

Skeletal overbite

This kind of overbite depends upon the shape and size of the jawbone. The mouth space can either be too large or too small, to properly fit the teeth. It happens because of improper jawbone development.

In case the space is too small, the teeth will crowd each other or grow crooked and if the space is too large, there can be inconsistent gaps between the teeth. The teeth will be too far apart in this scenario.

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Types of an open bite

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  • Overbites can be genetic mainly because of the improper development of the jawbone. There can be too much space for the teeth to be far apart or too little space for them to crowd each other.
  • In children, overbite develops from thumb-sucking, prolonged use of a pacifier, and constant bottle use. If it’s genetically present among the kids, these habits can make the case worse.
  • In teenagers, this can be developed by constant nail-biting or chewing on a pencil or other hard objects. It can also be caused by excessively thrusting the tongue against the back of the teeth.

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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children

  • Thumb Sucking
  • Tongue Thrusting
  • Excessive Use of a Pacifier
  • Bottle Sucking
  • Teeth Pushing
  • Early Milk Teeth Loss
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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children


Overbite should be treated instantly otherwise it can result in a lot of complications. The problems are not limited to oral health but they can also cause severe joint aches. Other risks of an overbite include;

  • An overbite causes speech defects. There might not be clarity in your words as you develop a lisp due to this condition.
  • An overbite puts you at high risk for tooth decay as the enamel clears off and cavity starts forming on your teeth.
  • It can cause temporomandibular joint disorder which results in extreme jaw and neck pain.
  • Due to an overbite, you can also feel a slight discomfort in your jaw while eating.
  • An overbite can also cause sleep apnea which is difficulty in breathing while sleeping.
  • The misalignment of teeth can make it difficult for you to open or close your mouth which causes headaches and earaches.
  • The overlapping of the teeth can make it difficult to clean them and can cause gum diseases and other dental hygiene problems

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Severe cases of an overbite might initially need a surgical procedure. Your local provider, upon your consultation visit, will examine your case closely and inform you about the prospects of your treatment.

At OrthoPath, we provide high-quality clear aligner treatment which can be a fantastic solution for the correction of your overbite.

Clear Aligners are a brilliant alternative to metal braces. Unlike the metal brackets and wires of traditional metal braces, Aligners are removable and almost invisible.

Clear Aligners like OrthoPath can quickly treat an overbite by applying pressure on the upper set of teeth and aligning them in the position they should be in.

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