Revolutionize Orthodontics with our Cutting-Edge Clear Aligners

Experience a groundbreaking transformation in orthodontics with our state-of-the-art clear aligners, delivering unparalleled precision and efficiency for achieving your perfect smile.

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Seamless Integration

  • Seamless integration with your dental practice
  • Expand services and offer comprehensive orthodontic solutions
  • Eliminate the need for referrals or external partnerships

Comprehensive Training and Support

  • Comprehensive training programs for clear aligner treatments
  • Ongoing support throughout the transition process
  • Expert assistance for training, case selection, and treatment planning

Advanced Treatment Planning Software

  • Access to advanced treatment planning software
  • Efficient case assessment and precise treatment simulations
  • Seamless progress monitoring for optimal treatment outcomes

Customized Marketing Materials

  • Professionally designed marketing materials for a standout presence
  • Tailored assets including brochures, posters, and digital content
  • Tools to attract and educate patients through diverse marketing channels

Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency

  • Efficient system for streamlined workflow and increased productivity
  • Simplified case management for enhanced efficiency
  • Digital communication and timely aligner delivery for smooth operations.

How it works

01. Sign Up and Registration

Effortlessly register by visiting our website, going to the registration page, and filling out the form with your practice information and contact details.

02. Consultation and Evaluation

Following registration, our team will schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of partnering with our brand and address any questions or concerns.

03. Onboarding and Training

Access comprehensive onboarding materials and training resources, including modules, videos, and documentation, to familiarize yourself with our system.

04. Integration and Practice Setup

Our team will assist you in integrating our aligner system into your practice and setting up equipment, software, and protocols for smooth operations.

05. Case Submission and Treatment Planning

Identify patients for clear aligner treatment, submit case details through our platform, and receive customized treatment plans from our experienced professionals.

06. Aligner Manufacturing and Delivery

After approval, our manufacturing process begins, utilizing advanced technology to create customized high-quality aligners delivered directly to your practice for patient distribution.

07. Patient Monitoring and Follow-Up

Access comprehensive onboarding materials and training resources, including modules, videos, and documentation, to familiarize yourself with our system.

08. Ongoing Support and Collaboration

Enjoy continuous support from our expert team, collaborate for complex cases, receive guidance, and stay updated on clear aligner technology advancements.





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