What is a Crossbite?

A crossbite is another case of teeth misalignment. The teeth do not fit properly when the mouth is closed. In this condition, the upper teeth are aligned behind the lower teeth. It is in a way that the set of lower teeth is positioned in front of the upper ones.

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Understanding a crossbite by differentiating and treating this malocclusion

A crossbite is a frequently encountered form of malocclusion, often mistakenly conflated with an underbite. In contrast to an underbite, wherein both the lower teeth and jaw protrude forward, a crossbite primarily impacts a subset of lower teeth without affecting the entire jaw.

While not as severe as an underbite, addressing a crossbite is imperative as it can lead to issues during chewing or eating and potentially result in complications related to facial features and jaw discomfort. Proactive treatment is essential to prevent these complications from arising.

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Types of a crossbite

Anterior crossbite

This specific type of crossbite occurs when upper front teeth sit behind your lower front teeth.This does not include all of your front teeth but only one or a few of them. The lower front teeth snugly fit over a group of your upper front teeth.

Posterior crossbite

This specific types of crossbite occurs when the bottom teeth at the back of your mouth i.e. the molars and the premolars, hide the upper rear teeth behind them. This is a common type of crossbite and can be easily treated with the right dental care.

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Types of a crossbite

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  • Children inherit this condition from someone in the family. Children with narrow jaws, which might have run in their families, are most likely to develop this condition.
  • There can be a delay in the eruption of the permanent teeth. The baby teeth, in the upper jaw, might loosen up. In case, the permanent teeth erupt, it causes a crossbite between the upper teeth and the lower ones.
  • A lot of kids have early habits that can be harmful to their dental health. Adults often try their best to take care of this but some things might be a little difficult to be prevented.
  • Breathing through the mouth results in the development of a crossbite among children. Children with this habit while sleeping, are most likely to develop a crossbite.

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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children

  • Thumb Sucking
  • Tongue Thrusting
  • Excessive Use of a Pacifier
  • Bottle Sucking
  • Teeth Pushing
  • Early Milk Teeth Loss
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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children


  • It can cause a tooth or multiple teeth to crack as the upper and lower teeth do not properly come in contact with each other.
  • Due to the abnormal occlusion between the upper and lower teeth, it can be extremely difficult to clean them, which can result in cavities and gum diseases of different sorts.
  • In case, you have a crossbite, you can feel pain while chewing from all the misaligned teeth in your mouth.
  • The abnormal occlusion of the upper and lower teeth can cause the jaw to ache.
  • It can also result in severe toothache as the gums can become weak from not being able to be properly cleaned.
  • With all those misaligned teeth, you can face difficulty in closing your mouth.
  • An untreated crossbite can also result in temporomandibular joint dysfunction which can cause the jaw and the muscles around it, to ache badly.

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During your consultation visit, your local provider will examine your teeth to determine your condition and recommend a suitable treatment plan. For severe crossbite issues, you might need jaw alignment surgery. Once you are done with the surgery, consult with your doctor to begin your clear aligner treatment.

OrthoPath Clear Aligners can correct a crossbite by covering the upper and lower sets of teeth so that the tooth/teeth in crossbite can be fixed without coming in contact with the other teeth.

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