What is a Deep bite?

A deep bite is a case of malocclusion in which your upper and lower sets of teeth do not properly align when the mouth is closed. A deep bite might not be aesthetically unpleasing but it can be the root of several other issues inside your mouth.

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Deep Bite

Understanding a deep bite by differentiating and treating this malocclusion

A deep bite can be the result of the lower jaw being significantly shorter than the upper jaw which causes the upper teeth to protrude further and overlap the lower teeth when the mouth is closed.

Due to the upper teeth covering the lower ones, the latter upon not finding enough space to grow can reach up to the roof of your mouth which can be extremely bad for your oral health and can result in sores over there.

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  • The significant cause of a deep bite can be a genetically inherited shorter lower jaw. This can cause the lower teeth to be overlapped with the upper teeth and grow to the roof of the mouth.
  • A deep bite can also be the result of missing lower teeth. This can be similar to having a shorter jaw as the bite collapses with the lower jaw which can result in the lower teeth growing behind the upper ones.
  • People who have strong biting muscles are most likely to develop a deep bite and their habit of grinding and clenching their teeth can deepen their bite.
  • Another cause behind the development of a deep bite may be the impacted permanent teeth. When baby teeth initially loosen up but then tighten up again, this leaves no room for the permanent teeth to grow.

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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children

  • Thumb Sucking
  • Tongue Thrusting
  • Excessive Use of a Pacifier
  • Bottle Sucking
  • Teeth Pushing
  • Early Milk Teeth Loss
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The following habits can result in the development of a crossbite among children


A deep bite might not be prominent when the mouth is open but it can be a major problem when it comes to one’s wish of having a beautiful smile. It is not only limited to aesthetics. A deep bite can be a concern for your oral health and should be properly treated.

  • The protrusion of upper front teeth indicates lesser space for the lower ones and it can result in the wear of tooth enamel that can cause serious damage to the teeth.
  • The overlapping of teeth can make it difficult to properly brush or floss them which can result in periodontal gum diseases and can also damage the tissues around the teeth.
  • Overlapping teeth also make it difficult for you to chew or bite into your favourite food. A deep bite can result in discomfort while eating.
  • A deep bite can also result in tooth loss. With time the tooth enamel wears out which results in the weakening of gums and can eventually make you lose teeth.
  • Due to a smaller jaw, lower teeth start growing behind the upper teeth and reach the roof of the mouth. As the lower teeth touch the roof every time you close your mouth, It can result in painful sores or ulcers over there.
  • Risks of a deep bite are not limited to your oral health as it can also result in headaches or extreme jaw pain which can cause trouble while hearing or sleeping.

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To effectively treat a deep bite, your doctor might need to perform an intrusion of the teeth of both the upper and lower arch which will help you to achieve a normal bite.

OrthoPath Clear Aligners can treat a deep bite though you will need to consult with your doctor as it might be necessary to intrude the teeth of both the upper and lower arch which can create space for the teeth to align in their proper position.

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